Moultrie-Douglas 4-H Livestock Show Results

•July 27, 2016•


Grand Champion Heifer- Case Bozdech, Camargo Champs, Camargo

Reserve Grand Champion Heifer – Luke Zimmerman, Camargo Champs, Camargo

Grand Champion Steer – Quentin Day, Sunny Side Flea Flickers, Lovington

Dairy Goats

Grand Champion Wether- Blair Monroe, Sunny Side Flea Flickers, Bethany

Reserve Grand Champion Wether- Amy Monroe, Sunny Side Flea Flickers, Bethany

Jr. Champion Doe- Amy Monroe, Sunny Side Flea Flickers, Bethany

Reserve Jr. Champion Doe- Amy Monroe, Sunny Side Flea Flickers, Bethany

Grand Champion Buck- Amy Monroe, Sunny Side Flea Flickers, Bethany  Read More

Bethany Applies TIF Funds to Park Trail Project

•July 27, 2016•

By Derek Pope
For the News Progress

Bethany’s village board gave a nod to nature enthusiasts this month by approving TIF funds to expand and improve Crowder Park’s walking trail. According to the Township Investment Fund chairman Greg McLain, the park district had envisioned alterations to the existing trail that would expand its “most visible, top portion” westward “down by the batting cages or skate park”.

While modest in scope, the cost of the project was the motivating factor for Marrowbone Park District to seek outside funding for the renovations.

The park district is itself a taxing body, levying a portion of village residents’ yearly property taxes for funding, but McLain said that the park board reported only around $16,000 in on hand money when they submitted their proposal to the TIF committee.

Although the TIF committee has been somewhat deterred from funding major projects for other taxing bodies in the past, McLain said that the relatively small cost of the proposal influenced the TIF’s final decision.

“We have helped private businesses with a lot more money than what they were asking for so the committee recommended to grant them the entire $6,840.” McLain also mentioned the village’s 2013 decision to provide a much more sizable TIF grant to Marrowbone Public Library, another taxing body in the village, as precedent for the committee’s recommendation.  Read More

Lovington Grade School Registration

•July 27, 2016•

Lovington Grade School will hold registration noon-7 p.m. Tuesday, August 2,  at the school.

Parents should bring the registration packet sent home with the students in May and have all papers completely filled out with the most current information. Kindergarten students should have a physical exam, dental exam, eye exam and must bring an official birth certificate from their birth county courthouse.

Second grade students should have a dental exam.

Sixth grade students are required to have a physical and dental exam.  Read More

IEMA Includes Moultrie County in Grant Awards

Grants help 120 cities, counties prepare for emergencies

•July 27, 2016•

Moultrie County received $17,250.97 in Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) grant money.

Grants totaling $4 million awarded by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) will help 120 accredited city and county emergency management agencies throughout Illinois support local disaster preparedness and response efforts. Read More

Serve Illinois Commission AmeriCorps Programs

•July 27, 2016•

The Serve Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service (Commission) has announced approximately $9.2 million in Corporation for National and Community Service federal grants to almost 1,600 volunteers in 32 AmeriCorps programs to better serve Illinois communities. An additional $6.4 million will support education awards for the volunteers after their service is completed.

“This year we were able to leverage enough federal funds to expand AmeriCorps’ reach into new counties throughout the state,” said Serve Illinois Executive Director Scott McFarland. “AmeriCorps members work every day to support thousands of Illinoisans in need including 425,000 disadvantaged youth and 10,000 veterans and military family members. These volunteers are going to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans.” Read More

Emergency Services Change for Bethany

•July 27, 2016•

Bethany Fire and Ambulance Protection District, emergency medical services (EMS) was recently downgraded to the Basic Level, due to staffing issues.

The state Emergency Medical Services Systems Alternate Rural Staffing and Response issued the downgrade, which now requires one first responder and one Basic EMT.

Ambulance calls that are treatable and transportable at the a basic level may now be accomplished without an intermediate on board.

The benefit of alternate staffing is that the ambulance is still equipped at an Intermediate level and can run as an advanced care ambulance when an Intermediate is available.

The Basic response includes stabilizing the patient and begin transport with the option of requesting an advanced care intercept either from Sullivan or en route to Decatur.

This should result in fewer dropped calls and continue the tradition of excellent care for the patient,

Bethany has four EMT Basic staff starting intermediate/paramedic training. Currently five licensed first responders, 12 Basics, four Intermediates and two paramedics are on BFPD staff.

Anyone wishing to volunteer may contact the department at 665-3726.

Previously the BFPD ambulance was licensed at the Intermediate level which requires an EMT/I available 24/7 and response to every ambulance call.

Bethany, as with other volunteer departments,has a shortage of volunteers for both fire and emergency services.

When an Intermediate was not available, Bethany relied on mutual aid from surrounding departments, often with themselves short on staffing. Intermediates provide an advanced level of care including IV therapy and cardiac monitor interpretation.

SBL Holds Health Screenings

•July 27, 2016•

SBL Lincolnland Home Care and Lincolnland Hospice will conduct a free blood pressure clinic 8:30 to 9 a.m. Thursday, August 18 at the Senior Center in Sullivan. For more information, call Lincolnland Home Care at 1-800-879-3212.  Read More

Vehicles Entered Items Taken

•July 27, 2016•

The Sullivan Police Department received reports of several vehicle entries during the past week.

In most cases unlocked vehicles were entered with at least three vehicles reporting items missing.

Police urge residents to lock unattended vehicles and be on the alert for suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.