Menus 1-11-2017

Senior Peace Meal
For additional information or for reservations, please call 1-800-543-1770
Monday, Jan. 16 - Sausage patty or links, egg, bacon & cheddar scramble, fruit juice, whole grain blueberry muffin, warm fruit strudel bites.
Tuesday, Jan. 17 - Country beef stew w/potatoes, carrots & onions, Mexi corn, roll, cherry pie.
Wednesday, Jan. 18 - Shepherd’s pie w/vegetables, broccoli, warm biscuits Mandarin oranges.
Thursday, Jan. 19  - Fried chicken, mashed potatoes w/gravy, seasoned peas, Texas toast, fresh fruit.
Friday, Jan. 20 - Tuna noodle casserole, Harvard beets, warm black-eyed pea salad, whole grain wheat, pineapple pistachio dessert.

Sullivan Pre-School Breakfast
Monday, Jan. 16 - Nutri-grain bars, grape juice, milk.
Tuesday, Jan. 17 - French toast, grape juice, milk.
Wednesday, Jan. 18 - Warm apples, Ritz crackers, milk.
Thursday, Jan. 19  - Toast, grape juice, milk.
Friday, Jan. 20 - Blueberry bagels, grape juice, milk.

Sullivan Pre-School Lunch
Monday, Jan. 16 - Tacos, lettuce salad, pears, milk.
Tuesday, Jan. 17 - Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, crackers, carrot sticks, banana, milk.
Wednesday, Jan. 18 - Corn dogs, french fries, pineapple, milk.
Thursday, Jan. 19  - Chicken strips, mixed vegetables, peaches, bread & butter, milk.
Friday, Jan. 20 - Chicken salad sandwiches, vegetable sticks, mixed fruit, milk.

OVHS Has Blood Drive

•January 4, 2017•

An American Red Cross blood drive will be held Friday, January 13 in the Okaw Valley High School gym in Bethany. Any healthy individual, age 16 through 75, who meets weight requirements may donate blood.

Donors should eat a moderate meal before donating and must bring identification showing a picture and a signature. All blood types are needed, especially Types 0- and 0+. Every 2.5 seconds someone needs blood.

This blood drive will be held 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. and is sponsored by the Okaw Valley High School Student Council.

By donating at this blood drive, you are helping one or more graduating seniors earn a scholarship! For more information regarding the blood drive or to make an appointment, please contact the Okaw Valley High School at 665-3631.

Methodist Church hosts GriefShare

•January 4, 2017•

A grief support group will be held each Wednesday Jan. 11 through March 29 at 5:45-7:15 p.m. at First United Methodist Church in Sullivan.

GriefShare is a network of more than 12,000 churches worldwide equipped to offer grief support. The program is nondenominational and features biblical concepts for healing from grief. There are three key parts to the GriefShare experience including a video seminar featuring leading grief recovery experts, small group discussions and a personal workbook with personal study exercises.

A freewill offering dinner will be served at 5:15 p.m. each week for participants and their families. There is a one time material fee; however scholarships are available. Childcare will be provided for children ages nursery through fifth grade.

To register contact Connie Dunscomb at 217-433-0581 or Karen Goss at 217-273-8903.

Learn more about GriefShare at

With the new year comes new changes

•December 28, 2016•

Monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits will see a slight increase in 2017.

Some other adjustments that take effect in January of each year are based on the increase in average wages. Based on that increase, the maximum amount of earnings subject to the Social Security tax (taxable maximum) will increase to $127,200 from $118,500. Of the estimated 173 million workers who will pay Social Security taxes in 2017, about 12 million will pay more because of the increase in the taxable maximum.

Thresholds for benefits will change slightly next year including the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA), SSI Federal Payment Standard, and SSI Student Exclusion.

Information about Medicare changes for 2017 are available at For some beneficiaries, their Social Security increase may be partially or completely offset by increases in Medicare premiums.

The Social Security Act provides for how the Cost of Living Adjustment is calculated. To read more, please visit

Secretary of State Offices Closed Monday

•December 28, 2016•

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced that all offices and driver services facilities open Monday to Friday will be closed Monday, January 2.

Facilities open Tuesday to Saturday will be closed Saturday, December 31, in observance of New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Services

•December 28, 2016•

Special services are scheduled at Faith Lutheran Church, Sullivan for the New Years weekend.

Sat. New Year’s Eve Service, 5 p.m.

Sun. New Year’s Day Service, 10 a.m.

Free 30 minute visual Christmas service for the family.

WHTO Channel 2, Terre Haute every Sun. at 7 a.m. CT

Lutheran Ministries Media, Inc.

Holiday Deadlines

•December 28, 2016•

The offices of the News Progress will be observing holiday deadline schedules for the New Year’s weekend.

Advertising and news deadlines are 5:00 p.m. December 30 for the January 4, 2017 edition.

Menus 12-28-2016

Senior Peace Meal
For additional information or for reservations, please call 1-800-543-1770
Monday, Jan. 1 - Closed
Tuesday, Jan. 2- Swished beef pattie w/green pepper, onions and tomatoes, brussels sprouts, macaroni & cheese, whole grain wheat, applesauce.
Wednesday, Jan. 3 - Saucy ham loaf, creamed peas, baked squash, whole grain wheat, strawberry oatmeal bar.
Thursday, Jan. 4  - Settlers beef & beans, corn, roll, warm sliced pears w/raisins.
Friday, Jan. 5 - Beef tips in gravy, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, roll, graham crackers, fresh fruit.

Sullivan Pre-School Breakfast
Monday, Jan. 1 - Closed
Tuesday, Jan. 2 - Waffles, peach juice, milk.
Wednesday, Jan. 3 - Granola bars, peach juice, milk.
Thursday, Jan. 4  - Warm apples, Ritz crackers, milk.
Friday, Jan. 5 - Pancakes, peach juice, milk.

Sullivan Pre-School Lunch
Monday, Jan. 1 - Closed
Tuesday, Jan. 2 - Burritos/cheese, lettuce, pears, milk.
Wednesday, Jan. 3 - Chicken nuggets, peas, peaches, bread & butter, milk.
Thursday, Jan. 4  - Cheese  puffs, carrots, pineapple, milk.
Friday, Jan. 5 - Corn dogs, tater tots, mixed fruit, milk.

Holiday services at area churches

•December 21, 2016•

Faith Lutheran Church, Sullivan:
Sat. Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, 5 p.m.
Sun. Christmas Day Service, 10 a.m.
Free 30 minute visual Christmas service for the family.
Also on WTHO Channel 2 Terre Haute Sundays at 7a.m. CT
Lutheran Ministries Media, Inc.

First United Methodist Church, Sullivan:
Sat. 5:00 p.m. service Christmas Eve
Sun. 10:30 a.m. service Christmas Day

St. Isidore Catholic Church, Bethany:
Sat. 10:00 p.m. Mass on Christmas Eve
No mass Christmas Day

Smyser Christian Church, Gays
Sat. 5:00 p.m. Christmas Eve service
Sun. 9:00 a.m. Christmas Day service