Future Repair/Renovation Plans Discussed for Arthur-Lovington

June 18, 2014

H.S. roof completion set back to November

by Ariana Cherry
Arthur/Sullivan Reporter

A tour of the Arthur-Lovington High School building was conducted before the regular school board meeting last Wednesday as a number of classrooms were open for viewing leading to some discussion regarding future repairs and renovations.

Emerging from the tour and talks was that it is hoped that the high school band room has new carpet installed during winter break and some of its trophies donated to the alumni association to create additional storage space.  Read More

Sullivan Electric Department Forgoes Rate Increase Again

Also approves debt service charge for sewage improvements

by Barry Featheringill
Sullivan Reporter

Electric utility and gas rates were discussed a week ago Tuesday in Sullivan.

City ordinances allow each department to have an automatic four percent increase unless directed otherwise. Commissioner Mike Kirk noted that “the last electrical utility increase was May 1, 2010; although increases are passed along from the energy cost adjustment cost of power minus basic power cost. Again this year the electrical department will not request a rate increase.” Read More

Little Theatre Brings its 57th Season of Shows to Sullivan

Photo by Keith Stewart Pictured is the 2014-2015 Little Theatre cast, which will begin the season June 4 with “42nd Street.”

Photo by Keith Stewart
Pictured is the 2014 Little Theatre cast, which will begin the season June 4 with “42nd Street.”

Doors open June 4 with first production

By Mallory Murphy
Sullivan Reporter

Sullivan’s square gained more than 50 new faces this week as The Little Theatre brought in its cast and crew for their 57th summer season of shows. A total of 112 actors, designers, directors, technicians, and staff members from all over the United States will come to town during the 10 weeks of shows.

“To have so many great actors and technicians back again this year who have made The Little Theatre their second home makes putting these shows together so much fun,” said executive director and producer John Stephens.  Read More

OV, AL Schools Weigh-In on Sales Tax Measure

Each to vote on own resolution this month

by Derek Pope
& Keith Stewart

Sullivan Schools may have passed a resolution Monday evening to place a school facility sales tax on the November ballot, but they aren’t the only district to serve the county desiring the extra revenue.

Both Okaw Valley and Arthur-Lovington school districts are expected to pass their own resolutions this month, with OV meeting on the 22nd and AL meeting on the 14th, though even without them, the referendum would still go before Moultrie County voters in November. Read More

Lovington Liquor Change Tabled Till June

Board wishes to get public input before a vote

by Florence Hallford
Lovington Reporter

Last week, the Lovington Village Board discussed amending the Sunday Liquor Ordinance to allow class B alcohol sales on Sundays. This would mean that businesses such as  Casey’s would be able to sell packaged liquor from noon Sunday until 1 a.m. Monday, allowing extra revenue.  Read More

Sandwich Boards Approved by Council

New ordinance will allow for sidewalk signs, merchandise

by Keith Stewart

In last month’s first meeting, the Sullivan city council gave the go-ahead allowing for sandwich boards and the selling of merchandise on sidewalks.

Previously, the city code book barred the placement of signs and merchandise on sidewalks in Sullivan without specific approval by the council. Last August the issue was raised, briefly, whether or not to allow the signage, but when little support for overturning the ordinances appeared, the council dismissed it.  Read More

Lovington to Decide on Sunday Liquor Sales

Board in favor, but will have to wait for vote

by Florence Hallford
Lovington Reporter

The last bastion of prohibited liquor sales on Sunday in Moultrie County may fall as indicated by the Lovington Village Board meeting Monday night.

The current ordinance on alcohol sales in Lovington restricts all sales of alcohol on Sundays, but at this week’s monthly meeting, Casey’s store manager Debbie Howell and regional district manager Colleen Leischner requested an amendment to the ordinance to allow sales from noon to close on Sundays, citing a loss of potential revenue due to boaters who filled their tanks and sought to buy alcohol.  Read More

Sullivan City Council Cont’d. April 2014

Other Matters From Last Month’s Sullivan City Council Meetings Include:

• Approved a two year lease with Darin Burdick for the 10 acres across from the city sewer plant. It will result in a fee of $1,000 a year to the city. The plot has just over six acres of tillable soil. Read More

Celebration Seeking Miss Bethany and Talent Contest Entrants

The Bethany Celebration Committee is requesting entries for both the upcoming talent and Miss Bethany contests.

The talent show will take place the evening of Friday, June 20. Contestants or at least half of all groups must hail from Bethany or be students in the Okaw Valley School district. There will be two categories,  solos and groups, as well as two age divisions, 4-14 and 15-adult. Read More