A Good Way to Do Good Things

Photo by Madison Uhlrich
A Good Way to Do Good Things
Recently, the Prairie Association of Home and Community Education has started a new project. The group, which is an informative coalition of Douglas and Moultrie counties, has decided to make clothing for children in Africa. Already set to work, they currently have at least 30 dresses ready to send out. In upcoming workshops, PAHCE will continue to sew more dresses and also make some shorts for boys. Phyllis McReynolds, member of the association, says, “HCE is a good way to do good things and have fellowship with other ladies in the two counties.” To find out more about the Prairie Association of Home and Community Education and what you may do to help, visit www.sarahbush.org/cord/program/46/.

Time Goes Forward

Photo by Mike Brothers
Time Goes Forward at the Moultrie County Courthouse as Rick Matthews advances time in the century old clock tower. Above center shafts from the four clock faces converge to beam time from the top of the Sullivan square.

Sullivan Twp. Road Commissioner Candidates

•Rich Rutledge 

For those of you who don’t know me, let me give you a little background. My name is Rich Rutledge, and I am running for Sullivan Township Road Commissioner.

I live in the township with my wife Kristen, our dog Trip, and three chickens. I was raised in Sullivan with my sister Rhonda by our mother, Johanna Rutledge.

It was my mother who taught me if you had faith, the love of your family, and a strong work ethic, there was nothing that you couldn’t achieve. I am privileged to have such an amazing role model.  Read More

Consolidated Election Challenges School Board Candidates

•March 15, 2017•

Consolidated elections occur during odd numbered years. Though most races are pretty straight forward, a common confusion lies with school districts that have congressional townships, referred to as Townships and Range. School districts with congressional townships may have only a maximum of three board members per Township/Range.

Sullivan CUSD #300 is a school district with congressional townships comprised of seven members serving four year terms. School board members are elected in a 4-3-4-3 pattern. In the 2015 consolidated election, four members were elected to the school board. This means that the 2017 consolidated election will have three full-time members elected.

A distinction with the 2017 consolidated election is that in addition to the three full time spots, there is also one unexpired term that must be filled. This unexpired term was created by the resignation of Scott Atchison in 2016. Atchison’s original term was set to expire in 2019. His spot was temporarily filled by Ann Wheeler until a permanent board member can be elected during this upcoming election.

Sullivan School District is comprised of eight townships/ranges. A map of the school district’s townships and ranges, along with a boundary line, may be found on the city of Sullivan’s website. One of the townships and range is actually located in Coles County, but only one house from that township and range was annexed into the Sullivan School District several years ago.   Read More

Sullivan School Board Candidates

•Eric Crouse

My name is Eric Crouse. I am a 1991 graduate of Sullivan High School and have lived in the community since 1987. My wife Jennifer (Dolan) and I have three sons currently attending all three of the schools.

After high school, I pursued a degree in law enforcement at Lake Land College but pursued an alternate career after one year. I am currently operating a septic and contracting business, Crouse Concepts, Inc., that we started in 2012, after 20 years in various corporate positions. Read More

Sectional Competition for Sullivan Scholastic Team

Photo furnished
Sectional Competition for Sullivan Scholastic Team
Sullivan Scholastic Bowl Regional Champions from left to right: Lindsay Jones, Katie Webb, Grace Mauck, Parker Whitaker, Luke DeLong, Brendan Rau, Trevor Elder and Spencer Johnson. Sectional action was at Farmer City Saturday, March 11 against Maroa-Forsyth, Bloomington Central Catholic and St. Joseph-Ogden.

Lovington Twp. Hwy. cCommissioner Candidates

•Gary Ozier

I have held the position of Lovington Township road commissioner for 16 years.

In 2007, Lovington Township cemeteries operations and maintenance was included in the Road Commissioner’s responsibilities.

The road commissioner of Lovington Township cares for a township and a half. There are 80 miles of township roads to upkeep and repair, along with plowing snow. Read More

SES Gold Slip Winners

Photo furnished
SES Gold Slip Winners
Sullivan Elementary School students who were recently awarded Gold Slips for going above and beyond expectations include (from left to right): Kylie Swaim cleaned up around the classroom and is always helpful and kind to her classmates; Calvin Bishop found a library book he was excited to read but gave it to another student who wanted that book and Cy Stone came to the aid of a kindergarten student who was having trouble carrying a tub of books to the library.

CIPT Expands Ride Service in Moultrie County

•March 15, 2017•

By Mike Brothers

Central Illinois Public Transit (CIPT) expanded to offer shopping trips to Mattoon for Moultrie County senior citizens.

In director Susan Love’s report to the Moultrie County Board March 9, she explained the additional trip offerings were at the request of the Mid Illinois Senior Center in Sullivan.

“We are initially aiming at monthly trips to WalMart and Aldi in Mattoon to let local seniors get in some shopping,” Love said of the additional offering.

She pointed out the regular CIPT service continues to offer pick up and delivery service to those who book rides in advance.

When asked about operating an Uber like operation, utilizing mobile telephone apps for booking by board chair Dave McCabe, Love explained CIPT was looking into mobile and internet booking, but the cost to implement the program is the determining factor. Read More

Sound of the 70s: A Musical Time Warp at The Little Theatre

•March 15, 2017•

By Erin Valentine
for the News Progress

It’s been many years since I held an 8-track tape.

The best I remember is that my nephew may have inherited the few I had, and maybe he still has them. They were the portable way we listened to music in the early 70’s, preceding cassette tapes. If you added an 8-track tape deck to your car, you could listen to Deep Purple or Wings, or even Johnny Rivers when AM radio failed you.

So when my friend asked if I wanted to join her at The Little Theatre performance of “8 Track - The Sounds of the 70’s”, I was in. And her 30-ish daughter joined us.

My friend and I (we’re the same age) knew we would probably know all the songs and the lyrics to many. But her daughter, who really wasn’t the youngest person in attendance, knew all but two of the 45 songs delivered by the six-member cast. That may be in part because she was in high school show choir and performed, or heard other choirs, perform many of them. Read More