Computer Networks Combined for Tracking, Security Measures

Council also hears update on Sullivan fireworks

by Joash Tiarks
Reporting in Sullivan

The city council Monday moved forward with combining computer networks across the city of Sullivan’s departments.

As a follow up on the discussion and recommendation made by the council at the Feb. 24 meeting, the city is moving forward to have QNS combine the computer networks of the different departments into one that can be monitored, tracked, and protected as a unit.

Previously each department had a network unto themselves, with each computer having access as soon as it was turned on. This not only exposed the city’s digital resources to potential unauthorized access but also made it impossible for the city to keep track of its resources and to monitor unauthorized activity. Moving forward, each employee will have their own personal access passcode, both for their own safety and to track web activity. Network administrators will then be able to solve problems quickly and specifically, as well as impose a web filter and block access to any unnecessary websites by department.     Login or Subscribe to read the rest of this story.

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