Elizabeth Titus Library Winter Operations

As winter approaches, the Elizabeth Titus library staff in Sullivan reminds patrons that certain circumstances may call for the library’s closure in order to ensure the safety of patrons as well as the staff. Power failure, heating system failure, snowfall of six inches or more, blizzard conditions, hazardous icing conditions, or a police advisory that travel is hazardous are just a few of the circumstances that may require closing the library. When closure becomes necessary, the director or the person in charge will notify local television (WAND in Decatur and WCIA in Champaign) and radio stations (Decatur WEJT 105.1FM or WDZ 1050AM), as well the News•Progress, so the public may be made aware of the closing. If uncertain whether the library is open or closed due to weather, call the library at 728-7221.

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