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Please print name as you want it to appear in the newspaper.

Please indicate if you want it to read (1) Mr. and Mrs. John Doe, (2) First Names Only, John and Jane Doe (3) Full Names John Doe and Jane Doe if Separated, Divorced or (4) remarried, John Doe and Jane Roe (5), indicate if one or the other is deceased and (6) please indicate the mailing address of one or both.

If you are planning to attend college indicate where if known at this time, whether it is a one-year, two-year, or four-year progream, what you plan to major in and any information on scholarships earned, academic, athletic or other. Also, please indicate your career goal.

If you are enlisting in the armed services, please indicate when and which service you are selecting.

If you are planning to enter the work force immediately, please indicate where you will be working if you know at this time.

If you are planning marriage in the near future, please indicate whom you will be marrying and the date, if known at this time.