It’s Just Golden…Peer Pressure: A Human Quandary

Golden Column PhotoJune 25, 2014

by John Golden
NP Columnist

I can remember back when I was a young student in school, the teachers would often warn us of how dangerous and powerful peer pressure could be. I also remember how we were told that one day our friends would possibly try and push us into situations while repeating cliché phrases like “everybody is doing it” or “don’t be lame”. In every explanation, we were told that it would inevitably be another misguided sole pushing us down rocky paths.

There is no doubt that there have been certain moments scattered throughout my lifetime when I felt undeniable pressure to do something I knew was not smart or safe. But now, when I think back and reevaluate those same moments, I wonder how much of the pressure had come from other people and how much had actually come from the voice inside my own head. 

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