Jail Report

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Total Jail Capacity: 56 People | Capacity as of November 23, 2015: 21 People


 The following individuals listed below have been convicted


Name: Lonnie A. Bland

Date In: 10.5.15

Charge: Driving Suspended

Disposition: Mittimus: 200 Days (credit for 35 days)


Name: Brett A. Henry

Date In: 11.6.15

Charge: Unlawful Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Disposition: Mittimus: 50 Days


Name: Phillip B. Henson

Date In: 11.16.15

Charge: Aggravated DUI

Disposition: Mittimus: 90 Days



 The following individuals listed below have not been convicted

Name: David J. Delalio

Date In: 10.10.14

Charge: Child Pornography

Disposition: Hold - Federal Prisoner


Name: Michael S. Yost

Date In: 3.10.15

Charge: 1st Degree Murder

Disposition: NAWW: $1,000,000 (10%)


Name: Epismenio Nieto-Hernandez

Date In: 6.9.15

Charge: Illegal Re-Entry

Disposition: Hold - Federal Prisoner


Name: Christopher M. Fiore

Date In: 7.27.15

Charge: Child Pornography

Disposition: Hold - Federal Prisoner


Name: Robert E. Dodd

Date In: 8.31.15

Charge: Participation in Meth Manufacturing/Unlawful Possession of Meth

Disposition: Warrant: $100,000 (10%)


Name: Andrew J. Bathe

Date In: 9.20.15

Charge: Agg. Fleeing/Attempt to Elude/No Valid DL/Disobey Traffic Control Device

Disposition: NAWW: No Bond


Name: Juvenile Male

Date In: 10.5.15

Charge: Robbery/Robbery/Obstructing Identification

Disposition: Juvenile Warrant: No Bond



Name: Jerry W. Decker Jr.

Date In: 10.9.15

Charge: NAWW: Agg. Battery/Resist Officer/Uninsured/DUI/Revoked/Speeding/Reckless Driving

Disposition: NAWW: $50,000 (10%) Hold for Douglas Co.: $1,500 (10%)



Name: James J. Kirst

Date In: 10.21.15

Charge: Counterfeiting

Disposition: Hold - Federal Prisoner


Name: Chaz M. Wilson

Date In: 10.28.15

Charge: Agg. Domestic Battery/Unlawful Restraint/Interfering with Report of Domestic Battery

Disposition: NAWW: $25,000 (10%)


Name: Justice J. Long

Date In: 10.29.15

Charge: FTA/DUI/Fail Reduce Speed/Leaving Scene/Operate Uninsured Motor Vehicle

Disposition: Warrant: $10,000 (10%)


Name: Sarah M. Nixon

Date In: 10.30.15

Charge: Kidnapping

Disposition: Hold - Federal Prisoner


Name: Larry D. Smith

Date In: 11.2.15

Charge: Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault/Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

Disposition: No Bond; Sentence Pending


Name: Kody L. Livingood

Date In: 11.12.15

Charge: Violation of Probation

Disposition: NAWW: $10,000 (10%)


Name: Matthew S. Carr

Date In: 11.12.15


Disposition: Warrant: $2,500 (10%)


Name: Jonathan W. Scott

Date In: 11.16.15

Charge: Probation Violation for Texas

Disposition: Hold - Texas Violation


Name: Ruben A. Paz-Giron

Date In: 11.18.15

Charge: Illegal Reentry

Disposition: Hold - Federal Prisoner


Name: Cody J. Jewell

Date In: 11.19.15

Charge: FTA/Operating Uninsured Vehicle


Name: Aaron C. Settle

Date In: 11.22.15

Charge: Domestic Battery/Resisting or Obstructing Peace Officer

Disposition: NAWW: $40,000 (10%) (IDOC Hold) Being housed in padded cell in Shelby Co.