Kiki’s Boutique is for the Fashion Lover

Photo by Ellen Fererra
Kiki’s Boutique owner Nikki Jacobazzi is pictured.

•April 19, 2017•

By Ellen Fererra

The exquisite Venetian chandelier catches your eye as you enter the very stylish new Kiki’s Boutique and the owner, Nikki Jacobazzi says, “ Yes, I had to have it, and it was the first item installed - everything was built around it. We had to wrap it in plastic for over a month while we remodeled.”

And what a charming space it is with racks of really beautiful and colorful blouses, dresses, jeans, t-shirts, shoes and must-have jewelry. So much temptation in such a small space but all artfully arranged. The sizes here run from small to 3x, and I was surprised to find almost all of the gorgeous blouses priced at $26 as they look much more expensive.

“We wanted a place to shop in Sullivan with high fashion and reasonable prices as so many shops like Penney’s and Kohl’s are closing.  Plus, you don’t have to drive to shop - we are right here,” she said.

Jacobazzi, who has the gamin looks of an Audrey Hepburn, grew up in Sullivan, went off to the big city and returned about five years ago. That’s when she began going to vendor fairs and selling online where she has shipped her line all over the U.S. and to a growing market in Europe.      Login or Subscribe to read the rest of this story.

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