Mix Up With My Mail

For a while now, I have been getting my neighbor’s mail and just this morning, my neighbor called me and said he got my mail. I do not understand why this has become such an issue when the addresses are so clearly marked. When our last postmaster, Ed, was in charge, these things did not happen. I cannot put the blame solely on the postmaster, but there is surely something wrong. In the past three months, I have had to go to the utility company to find out what I owe. I got the notice to pay or shut off but not the bill itself. Am I the only one that has to deliver other’s mail while missing my own? I really hope not. When I get a bill, I pay it. Yes, I agree that I should pay better attention to what is due and when, but I have become accustomed to them being delivered and paying them when I get them. Please, Mr. Postman, deliver me my mail.

Christina Punches

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