Moultrie Sees 80 Concealed Carry Applicants in January

Some of the state’s highest per capita rates here in central Illinois, though still low overall

by Keith Stewart

According to data provided by Moultrie County Sheriff Jeff Thomas, 80 Moultrians have applied for concealed carry permits as of Monday, January 27. And while that may not seem like many, especially compared to the 5,305 that Cook County had reported earlier this month, it’s the per-capita rate that is of some interest.

Per-capita or per person, Moultrie sees 54 out of 10,000 applying for a license compared to Cook County, which is at 10 per 10,000.

Neighboring counties Douglas and Piatt each saw higher per capita rates with the former at 65.5 per 10,000 and the latter at 69.7 per 10,000. Coles County was lower with just 36.3 applicants per 10,000.Login or Subscribe to read the rest of this story. Already have a subscription?

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