Moultrie Sees Lowest Unemployment in Central Illinois Once Again

UnemploymentJuly14-13August 27, 2014

July still sees slight uptick from last two months

by Keith Stewart

Despite a slight uptick from the last two months, Moultrie County’s unemployment rate in July was still lower than any other central Illinois county, marking an ongoing trend throughout the current year.

At 5.8, the July rate, which tied for the 10th lowest in the state, was an uptick from 5.5 the two previous months, and so far the county enjoyed its lowest rate of the year in April at 5.4, which was the lowest in Moultrie since November of 2011 when it was 5.3.

Moultrie began 2014 with an unemployment rate of 7.3, which was also the lowest out of its neighboring counties.

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