New Stop Signs Requested Near Sullivan Elementary

Sullivan council approves one, denies other

by Barry Featheringill
Sullivan Reporter

The Sullivan City Council addressed a request from Sullivan Elementary School Principal Rita Florey Monday night to have stops signs placed at the intersection of North Graham and Hagerman Streets to help with the traffic congestion when teachers arrive at school and parents are dropping of students on the west side of the school.

Florey’s request was for a stop sign on Graham Street at the north driveway from the school parking lot, another stop sign on Hagerman Street going east at Graham Street, and another stop sign at the north driveway. After considerable discussion the council agreed to have city attorney draw up an ordinance to place a stop sign on North Graham at the north driveway. The stop sign on Hagerman Street was not approved since traffic coming out of the apartment complex could become stacked up.     Login or Subscribe to read the rest of this story.

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