Remember When? 3-29-2017

25 Years Ago This Week

Sheep shearing was a demonstration given near Rotorua which Joe and Joan Pound attended while in New Zealand during their around the world in 70 days adventure.

Sarah Eaton, niece of Joe and Myrna Matheson, snuggled with her pet pot-bellied pig “Arnold”. The Mathesons have two Vietnamese pigs with son Adam raising “Hampton” as a 4-H project.

A caravan to welcome home the award winning Sullivan Singers formed at the Masonic Home at 10 p.m. The Singers earned first runner up honors at the Showstoppers International competition in Orlando, Fla.

Dr. Gregory K. Welty was named medical director of Sullivan Health Care Center. Read More

See All Types of Green This Spring: Financial Literacy Month

•March 29, 2017•

By Gerald Tilley
Social Security District Manager

April is Financial Literacy Month, and there’s no better time than right now to save for your future. The earlier you start saving, the more you can take advantage of compound interest — that’s like “free money” to power up your 401ks and other types of IRAs. Social Security helps secure your future, but it should only be a foundation for a more complete retirement plan.

Part of financial literacy is having access to not just correct information, but your own personal financial information. Social Security has that. You can open your own personal my Social Security account at and within a matter of minutes have access to your information from the comfort of your home or office. There, you can do many things, but the most important thing is to view your Social Security Statement. Read More

New Partner for West & Company

•March 8, 2017•

David W. Faller has been named a partner of West & Company, LLC.

Faller is a native of Newton and a graduate of the University of Illinois. He resides in Dieterich with his spouse Pam and their children.

Faller was recently named partner-in-charge of the firm’s Accounting & Auditing Department. His duties include oversight of the firm’s quality control policies and procedures and of the firm’s adherence to professional standards.  Read More

Thinking About Health: Readers Ask for Clarifications About Medicare

•March 8, 2017•

By Trudy Lieberman
Rural Health News Service

Over the past few months, these columns have raised plenty of questions about Medicare, present and future, and I’ve received many responses to those questions from readers. Today’s column addresses some of readers’ concerns about Medicare, a complicated program.

Q: Why do you refer to Social Security as social insurance?  This continues to baffle me just as those who continually refer to SS as a handout. It’s not a handout. That money has been taken out of every one of my paychecks since I was 16. This is my money.  TF

A: Social insurance is group insurance. Workers pay premiums in exchange for insurance against the loss of wages as the result of disability death, or old age. Because the government manages the insurance, and it is nearly universal, it has historically been labeled social insurance. The writer is correct. Working and paying those insurance contributions entitles him to benefits. The benefits are not a government handout. Social Security is not a welfare program.

Q: I turn 65 this August and need to learn the basics to make informed choices.  Is there a website or source you recommend that would give me the basics of Medicare?  PH Read More

Remember When? 3-8-2017

25 Years Ago This Week

Second place state champion Lady Redskins Carinna Elder, Tiffinie French, and Sheri Adams displayed the trophy at Redbird Arena at Illinois State University.

Tom Fitzgerald of Bethany was elected director of Scott State Bank in Bethany.

Bethany football coach Kris Wheeler unexpectedly resigned during a public meeting called to determine the future of the school’s football program. A crowd of 60 gathered in the high school gym for the meeting chaired by high school principal David Nolan and athletic director Dave Benning.

Richard Hortenstine of rural Sullivan was the first to report finding morel mushrooms for the hunting season. Read More

Energy Assistance Funds Still Available

•March 8, 2017•

The C.E.F.S Economic Opportunity Corporation’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) still has energy assistance funding available for winter utility assistance. Any household that has applied as of September 1, 2016 or after would not be eligible to apply again, unless they are being disconnected from their utility service. LIHEAP provides one-time grants to help income eligible households pay for their winter utility expenses.

C.E.F.S. began taking LIHEAP applications last September for the current program year 2017. To date in Moultrie county energy benefits totaling $124,583.00 have been approved for 283 households. The average payment per household was $440. Additionally, in Moultrie county 29 households received $10,618.00 in emergency reconnection assistance. The average reconnection assistance payment was $366. Read More

IDNR Biodiversity Field Trip Grants Include SES

•March 8, 2017•

The Sullivan Elementary School first grade has received an $840 IDNR grant for a field trip to Ballard Nature Center in Altamont.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Director Wayne Rosenthal announced the awarding of more than $98,000 in donated funds from the Illinois Biodiversity Field Trip Grant Program. More than 8,300 students will visit Illinois state parks, museums and other natural resources sites this year to learn about nature and conservation, thanks to grant funding through the 102 field trip grants.

“We are pleased to support learning outside the classroom with these grants. This program allows students to visit locations throughout the state to see first hand what they’ve been learning about in the classroom,” said Director Rosenthal. “Our future conservation leaders need the opportunity to experience Illinois’ natural resources in person.”  Read More

Trustee Donates to Senior Center

Photo submitted
Trustee Tyler Graven donates his annual township trustee salary of $500 to the Mid-Illinois Senior Center. Kathi Shackles accepts donation for the Center.

•March 8, 2017•

On Thursday, March 2, Tyler Graven, Sullivan Township Trustee, presented the Mid-Illinois Senior Center with a $500 donation - his salary for the year. Graven said, “I made the decision to return my salary to the taxpayers, specifically to four charities in Sullivan. The first one I thought of was the Senior Center because of all the services they provide to seniors.”

In addition to presenting the check Tyler spent some time in the center answering questions about his job and the work of the township. He explained that the trustees are basically auditors and make sure all the bills are paid. He said they would like to get more road work done, and this may be possible because of the money saved by the mild winter. He stressed that the township does not overtax but sometimes underspends, and currently the township is in very good shape fiscally.

Someone suggested that, perhaps, Graven should be in Springfield to drain the swamp there and put their fiscal house in order.

New Aerial Photographs Offered County Municipalities

•March 8, 2017•

Aerial photographs taken for property tax assessment and e911 will be shared with county municipalities if a recommendation from the Moultrie County GIS streering committee receives county board approval.

Committee chair Kevin McReynolds reported Sullivan, Dalton City, Arthur and Allenville had partial ownership with the county of original aerial photos taken in 2002 for the supervisor of assessment’s office.

“Sullivan has used the GIS, but the other communities have gotten little use,” McReynolds said, noting any changes in the past required each village’s approval. Read More