Sullivan Schools Have Fine Arts Day

Photo courtesy Mark Waelde
Sullivan Schools Have Fine Arts Day
The 2017 Fine Arts Day was held on March 9 in the Sullivan High School gym. The day featured many of the talented students from all parts of Sullivan School District. Performances included general choir, 7th and 8th grade band, SES children’s choir, high school band, SHS Dance “Crew”, Singers Jr., Sullivan Singers, 6th grade chorus and the SHS dance team. Also featured during the day in the Commons was a video compiled of original artwork and photography by more than 30 Sullivan High School students. Some of these pieces were displayed at the Elizabeth Titus Memorial Library in Sullivan for the SAArts Youth Art contest. Others have been selected to be in the Eastern Illinois Tarble Arts Center Children’s Art Exhibition this May.

Volunteers’ Efforts Keep the Lovington Ambulance Service Saving Lives

•March 22, 2017•

This was a trying year for Lovington Community Ambulance Service, and thanks to some very dedicated volunteers, they have come through in good style, Harold White, said of the service that has served the Lovington area community for the past 42 years.

Volume call was at an all time low which, with the challenges of having only a few volunteers, was part of the reason for the successful year.

Total volume call for the year was 218 calls, compared to 270 in 2015. With few exceptions Lovington Ambulance Service covered most calls without relying on mutual aid. Read More

Reaching Beyond The Church Doors With A Warm Meal

Photo by Madison Uhlrich
Bethany’s Cumberland Presbyterian Church feeds children free dinner during their Wednesday night outreach program. Above: women serve children: (left to right) Dixie Johnson, Wanda Sowers, and Phyllis McReynolds.

Church Community Outreach Programs

•March 22, 2017•

By Ariana Cherry
for the News Progress

Churches aren’t just places to sit in a pew and listen to someone preach every Sunday.

They are filled with warm compassionate people who want to reach out, help and contribute to the community. It isn’t about just hearing the message – it’s about acting on it and making a difference in people’s lives.

Those who are recipients of these kind acts don’t have to be member of these churches...A church is about helping beyond its doors and Sunday morning services. Read More

Paper Cowboy Discussed

Photo By Ellen Ferrera
Paper Cowboy Discussed
One Book One Sullivan’s community discussion of Paper Cowboy was held at the First United Methodist Church Thursday, March 16. Students of OBO coordinator Rikki Ray (pictured) gathered with community members to learn about cold war America.

Flower Pot Reopens

Photo by Ellen Ferrera
Flower Pot Reopens
The Flower Pot in Sullivan celebrated an open house in Sullivan last week with co-owners Ellen Bernius and Madison Winskill hosting visitors checking out the new decore and offerings.

Mystery of Fin’s FuFu Unfolds

Photo submitted
Friends and foes alike filed into Fin’s for their infamous FuFus and soda fountain which formed into a fanatical food fad until Fin’s final day. Furnish your own FuFus from the information in the featured article.

•March 22, 2017•

Last week I ran into local history aficionado Kaye Webb at the courthouse.

She was tracking down a death certificate in Circuit Clerk Cindy Braden’s office, and I was collecting court news.

Webb recalled that while she was an employee of the Brown Shoe Company she and her friends would go to Fin’s Cafe on the east side of the square for lunch.

They had a soda fountain and served sandwiches. One sandwich that was extremely popular during the day was Fin’s signature sandwich-the FuFu.

At this point in Kaye’s detailed recollection of the era of Fin and the FuFu, it was just too much for me, and I began to laugh uncontrollably at the idea of all these people in Sullivan gathering at Fin’s for FuFus.

I could imagine going to the door to pick up a date and be asked by the father what we were going to do. “We’re going to Fin’s for FuFu’s,” would be my reply to the slamming door, I imagine. Read More

A Matter of Balance Offered to Seniors

Photo by Ellen Ferrera
Cathy Tapscott explains the “Matter of Balance” program at Mid-Illinois Senior Services in Sullivan.

•March 22, 2017•

By Ellen Ferrera
for the News Progress

Have you or someone you know fallen recently or do you have concerns about falling?

If so, then “A Matter of Balance” may be a helpful new program for you. An award-winning program developed at Boston University, A Matter of Balance utilizes a variety of activities to address physical, social and cognitive factors affecting fear of falling and to learn fall prevention strategies for people age 60 and older.

Master trainer Cathy Tapscott became interested in the program because “my mother is 90 years old, still drives, and I worry about her falling. A bad fall by an elderly person usually results in broken bones and a painful rehab. This program can help prevent those falls.” Read More

Board Honors Members

•March 22, 2017•

By Mike Brothers

Sullivan District 300 board of education honored three retiring school board members during the March 13 meeting prior to the April 4 elections.

Supt. Brad Tuttle presented certificates to members Mary Ann Wiley (12 years), Amy Fultz (eight years) and Roger Bragg (eight years) who chose not to run for reelection. Tuttle thanked them on behalf of the school district for their service.

The media center was filled with board candidates and citizens interested in action that was tabled following executive session.

Proposals in question concerned the extension of the superintendent contract July 17, 2017 - June 30, 2022. Principal contract extensions were recommended through June 30, 2020.

In light of the upcoming school board election the existing board moved to table action on the administrators’ contracts until after the new board is seated. Read More

American Legion Honors Members

Photo furnished
American Legion Honors Members
Five members were honored for their years of service at the March 18 regular members meeting of the Sullivan American Legion Post 68. From the left to right: Bob Sims, American Legion Post 68 Commander, Mac Bond (50 years), Don Harchous (60 years), Tom Parks (50 years), Bill Daily (70 years), Frank Elzy (60 years), and Rudi Laufhutte, 19th District American Legion Commander.

Lovington Approves Outside Water Billing

•March 22, 2017•

Lovington village board met in February approving USTI to handle the water billing.

On a recommendation from trustee Dennis Garmon the program suggested by billing clerk Susan Gordan, which includes print and mailing of the water bills for $195 per month was approved.  An annual $120 fee plus a $495 set up is in addition to the monthly fee.

Under parks and special projects Garmon noted the village is using the new billing, payroll, accounts payable and general ledger systems. He explained the village saved $2370 by setting up the system in house.  Read More