OV Schools Consider New Investment Strategy

July 30, 2014

Board also hears about swim co-op

by Joash Tiarks
Bethany Reporter

It is that time again, no doubt too soon for the kids and none too soon for the parents.

At the last regularly scheduled school board meeting before the start of the new school year, there was not much business to work through as things moved along fairly rapidly.

After quickly approving the annual “consent agenda” to officially record the district designees of various fund managers, banking services, and legal representation, the board heard from Shelby County State Bank concerning its proposal to streamline the district’s security investments through SCSB.

Currently, the district has SCSB invest in a variety of federally backed securities. SCSB proposes simplifying the process and to try and get a better return for both SCSB and Okaw Valley school district by rolling the various securities into one. 

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