Preparing for the End of the Gardening Season

KimForColumnSeptember 3, 2014

by Kim Riedel
Master Gardner

August was a very busy month for me trying to keep up on all the produce that was ripening. Tomatoes, hot peppers and sweet peppers, pears, and grapes have been the main culprits that have kept me running the fastest. Besides the 60 hour weeks at work, I have bottled lots of grape/aronia jelly, chili sauce, and salsa. I have also had fun with my dehydrator, steamer/juicer and strainer this season. I even invested in a new water bath canner. I celebrated when I had a 56 hour work week instead of a 60 hour by buying a jam/jelly maker (which I absolutely love). The pears have been harvested and besides the apples, the harvests are finally slowing down. I noticed early on in the gardening season that my tomato plants just take my tomato cages straight to the ground with their weight. So since I was impressed with the few tomato towers that I got the other year, I ordered a few more towers for next year along with some tomato ladders and other supports that will be in use.     Login or Subscribe to read the rest of this story.

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