Remembering George



Former students still recall Casleton’s intrigue as teacher

by Christina Whitford
Sullivan Reporter

For many people, the late and former area teacher George Casleton is remembered for his dynamic teaching style, but few people are aware of the chance encounter that actually brought him to our community.

George Casleton was born in 1925 in the southern Illinois town of West Frankfort. He, along with his parents and two siblings, remained a part of this town throughout his adolescent years. While growing up, Casleton enjoyed banging on the drums and continued this passion for nine years as a member of the Ted Paschedag Band and Orchestra. After graduating from West Frankfort High School in 1943, Casleton went on to serve his country by joining the armed forces. Casleton was stationed in Italy during World War II and earned a Bronze Star. Login or Subscribe to read the rest of this story.

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