Roses in Bloom, Summer Well On Its Way

KimForColumnby Kim Riedel
NP Columnist

It is summertime.

Well, not officially, but the temperatures have been nice and warm and even a little too warm; yet I am appreciating the beauty all around me. Flowers of all colors and shades are blooming, and early crops are coming in. Since all of my family (besides three of my kids) lives half the country away, I decided to share the beauty and excitement of my garden through Facebook, which I have never done before. It has turned into a fun learning experience as I have been getting comments and questions about different plants, flowers and crops that I have in my gardens. I found out that my purplish pink flowers that I have enjoyed for the last eight years are actually hardy geraniums; I had never thought of taking the time to find out what kind of a flower it was before, but now I am pleased to know that I love perennial geraniums. It has been fun seeing pictures my family has posted of their own plants in their gardens; sometimes it makes me feel that they really aren’t so far away.

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