Seeing the Fruits of Labor Pay off in July

KimForColumnJuly 2, 2014

by Kim Ridel
Master Gardner Columnist

I spent a week back west with my family this past week and it was a wonderful get-a-way. On my first day there, we visited a public garden in downtown Las Vegas and within minutes I could feel my fingers, hands, and arms swelling. I couldn’t believe what my body was doing to me---I just kept thinking, “I’m a gardener, I can’t be allergic to this place!” I never did find out what my body was reacting to, though the swelling went down within a few hours after leaving the garden. Maybe it wasn’t the plants…perhaps I’m just allergic to Vegas.

I have enjoyed this past month with lots of strawberries, and I am now picking lots of raspberries and blackberries. 

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