Sullivan Fire Department Easter Egg Hunt Winners Announced

The Sullivan Fire Department gave away several bicycles and baskets to children participating in Sunday’s annual Easter egg hunt at Wyman Park. Winners are as follows:     Login or Subscribe to read the rest of this story.

Ride-Ons and Bicycles-ages 2-3: Torreon Phillips and Abigail Turnbaugh; ages 4-5: Colin Roehrs and Aubrey Gingerich; ages 6-7: Ross Young and Elise Fleming; ages 8-9 Dominic Herold and Kaley Ramsy; ages 10-11: Colin Chappel and Sierra Willoughby.

Baskets-ages 0-1 Aidan Coil and Harper Havens; ages 2-3 Ethan Smith and Aubrey Martin; ages 4-5: Peyton Fletcher and Lyla Sutton; ages 6-7: Quinton Jones and Alexis Kipp; ages 8-9: Haiden Dringenberg and Gabby Penberthy; ages 10-11: Nicholas Wilson and Meena Corkill.

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