Syria – Tired Yet?

by Glenn Mollette
Outside Columnist

I suspect you are already tired of hearing about Syria.

The future path is blurry - even to our President. Assad will still be in power.

How many has he killed without chemical weapons? Who is using the chemical weapons? It sounds to me like the real problem is the one issuing the orders in Syria.

Americans are now on the verge of committing billions of dollars of money we do not have to impact an area of the world that already hates us. Here at home we have millions who cannot find a job. We have millions more who cannot feed their families with the paycheck they bring home. All the while our roads and bridges need desperate repair. We need new school buildings for our children. We have made our military do more with less but we continue to ask them to do more. We continue to put our aging seniors at risk as we make it harder for us to pay social security and cover our huge medical tab. Needless to say the tax debt for our children and grandchildren grows all the more. Syria means additional taxes, not less taxes.     Login or Subscribe to read the rest of this story.

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