Two Dreams Come Together to Form Hair Salon

by Ariana Cherry
Arthur-Lovington Reporter

Playing dress up, working with models on the runway, and consulting with pageant queens helped two women realize their dreams, which led to their opening up a beauty salon in Lovington this past July. Together, Val Brumfield and Julie Kinert make up more than 25 years of experience in their shop, Majestic Cuts Salon and ValSalon.

“I have always had a love for beauty,” Kinert said. “I have been with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 18 years. I have also worked with pageants for over 13 years.”

“There were five of us in our family, and having sisters, we were always messing with hair and makeup. We loved to play dress up,” said Brumfield.

While their love for beauty stems from the heart, they added to their knowledge with a valuable education in cosmetology and fashion-runway experience.

“I felt the only thing that was always missing was my degree in cosmetology,” said Kinert who did end up completing the cosmetology program at Lake Land College. “They have the best program out there by far! You get the best well-rounded education there. They not only teach you the techniques you need, but they also teach you anatomy, advanced first aid/CPR and business, so you are fully prepared to run or start your own business,” she stated.

Brumfield attended St. John’s School of Cosmetology in both Decatur and Champaign. She was also able to travel and be an educator for seven years with The Matrix, a popular professional hair salon. As an educator Brumfield travelled to different beauty supply houses and taught classes on hair color and style.

“I went to a job career fair one day, and The Matrix was there doing demonstrations. I just fell in love with what they did,” said Brumfield. “While I was there, I spoke with one of their educators…With my extensive knowledge, I was also asked to be an educator. I learned new trends and went to all of the big hairdressing shows. It was very intimidating being right out of beauty school. I did fashion runways with Alteri from Las Vegas and with Vivian McKinder from London. I got to experience all of their knowledge and learn the tricks of the trade. Some hairdressers never get to experience that. I got a chance to expand outside the box.”

The ladies also gained experience by working in other salons.

Kinert worked a year and a half at a shop in Arthur and at the Cutting Edge in Atwood for three and a half years.

“I got the best on-the-job training working with a mother/daughter team that had 40-plus years of experience between them,” she said.

Brumfield, meanwhile, had her own salon and day spa in Monticello for almost 10 years.

Kinert’s inspiration for working in the beauty industry radiates from her love and passion for bringing one’s inner beauty to the surface. While she may tease men about their ear hair, she does enjoy helping her customers feel good about themselves.

As for Brumfield, having a love for the hair industry is in the genes.

“I had a great-grandfather who was a barber, my great aunt was a hairdresser, and both of my mom’s sisters are also hairdressers.”

It was just a little over a year ago that the two hairdressers first met.

After a divorce, Brumfield moved to Lovington and opened up her shop in April of 2012. Shortly after opening, Kinert arrived, asking whether there was room for another hairdresser. At the time, Brumfield had a second job so she thought it would be possible. A year went by before Kinert approached Brumfield again. After she said yes, the two sat down for some “shop talk” regarding their new business. Since they both would be working separate hours, it was decided that the hairdressers would keep their personal business names: Majestic Cuts Salon and ValSalon.

The shop offers all hair services, waxing, manicures, pedicures, Shellac Nails, professional makeup, pageant consulting, and tanning.

To make an appointment, you may call 217-519-0224 or visit the shop in downtown Lovington at 102 East State Street. A grand opening is currently in the making. Majestic Cuts Salon may also be found on Facebook.

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