With Impending Winter Weather, Public Urged to Stay Indoors

Additional snow, severe temps, and wind gusts to start Saturday

by Keith Stewart

FRIDAY, JANUARY 3–The National Weather Service issued winter storm advisories for most of central Illinois Friday, including Moultrie County, which is expected to see upwards of 10 inches of snow this weekend. That, in addition to the already three or more inches the county received Wednesday evening, will combine with plummeting temperatures to create what local law enforcement is describing as a dangerous situation.

“Basically, you should stay in doors unless it’s absolutely necessary to travel,” warned Moultrie County sheriff Jeff Thomas. “It’s just very unsafe to be out in weather like that. If you can avoid it all costs, stay home.”

Thomas also says that with the impending weather comes often times sudden road closures.

“With that wind and the snow along with what we already have, snow will be blowing and drifting so there will likely be some closed roads, but you may not know until you’re out there,” explained Thomas. “If have to venture out, bring warm clothing blankets, some food, bottle water.”

The Illinois Department of Transportation does post major road closures, available at http://www.dot.state.il.us/road/roadClosures.htm, but there may be a delay between the actual closure and its posting.

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